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Birthplace of Aviation

 Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation

Welcome to the Ohio Chapter of the Mars Society

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Recent Event Pictured Was TechFest 2024 . More Events Coming in 2024.

The U.C. Science Expo 2019 - Click the LOGO Link Below to View.

(Click Mars Society Icon Below to Visit)

We'll post more Events as photos become available, or have more freetime.

TechFest 2017 at Sinclar College in Dayton, Ohio!

TechFest 2017 Image

  Also have a look at our UC Science Expo and Science Day in Lovland!
On March 10th and 11th, 2017

UC Science Expo 2018
UC Science Expo 2017

Science Day



Watch our videos, slides and cool 360 degree view put together by your webmaster of the Ohio Chapter!

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Check At Least Bi-Monthly For Upcoming Events!

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Special Announcements or Information.

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View SpaceShipOne in 360  SpaceShipOne in the hanger

Ohio Events as Separate Printable Page.
To schedule or suggest events, please send email to:

Our 2016 UC Sciencefair and Expo winners!

Join Our Facebook Page!

Our chapter won a national award.

Read Tam's Letter To Our Ohio  Mars Enthusiasts About Our Award !!!

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Artificial Gravity is necessary for long duration spaceflight.

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