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A 360 Degree LOOK At SpaceShipOne In
Wright-Patterson AFB Hanger, Dayton, Ohio


This larger size 360 degree animated GIF is about 1.7 Megs in size, so please standby for loading! (Approx. 5-10 minutes on dialup.) You'll probably see one or two photos load sequencially...but it will not go through the entire file until loaded. Higher rez photos available upon request, but I think these photos are big enough to satisfy most of your curiosity. Look further down this page for more information. ENJOY!
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 READ Monica's mother's letter to the Editor

Line-up 360 Degree View! (Seen Just Below)

A 360 Degree Animated GIF of SpaceShipOne. File Size: 1.7 Megs

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  Craig Jarratt and his dad at the event.

Read all about WHO have been our OHIO Astronauts!
(On NASA website)

Monica's mother got PUBLISHED! Read her opinions of what Dayton's FUTURE in the
aerospace industry should be. Published in the Dayton Daily News, July 27, 2005:

Thanks Monica and the Dayton Daily News...that it's OK to publish Mrs. Lorna Simmons letter here.

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