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SpaceShipOne Videos featuring Mike Mevill (pilot) At The Wright-Patterson AFB 2006

*** You can view these on a dialup connection, just be very patient. Most are configured for 48 K bits/sec. SpaceShipOne is ONLY 6,800 pounds when full of fuel (3,000 pounds empty - or only as much as a compact car)...the mothership (White Knight) is only 6,000 pounds...for a total that is LESS than 13,000 pounds with a FULL payload! Absolutely INCREDIBLE when you COMPARE it with conventional metallic spacecraft! Its hard to imagine the incredible power to weight ratio for a composite spacecraft, if you used NASA class rocket power. Read MORE about it in the link provided nearby.

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Melvill EXITS (32 secs.)
Melvill Speaks Outside (12:29 mins.)
Shorter Version of Outside Talk (8:31 mins.)
SpaceShipOne Lands (15 secs.)
Melvill Talks in the Hanger (audio only is 3:47 mins.)

READ all about the wonderment of this extreme achievement on our website.

Photos and video taken
by Craig Jarratt and Monica Ice. Videos and audio prepared for the internet by Tom Chatterton.

Melvill exits SpaceShipOne's mothercraft onto the tarmac.
This is only 270 KB in size, and easily downloaded thru dialup.

 Time: 0:32

Alternate software link to EXIT video.

SpaceShipOne 360 Degree View. CLICK ME!

See 360 degree view (animated GIF) of SpaceShipOne!!! This will DISPLAY on its own special page. It is 1.7 Megs in size, please allow enough time for it to load. (5-10 minutes) Feel free to roam about the new page while it loads. Once loaded, the crisp 1/2 page 360 degree show should display rather smoothly. (Tom's version of high tech.) <g> Ulead GIF Animator was used in the design.


A very interesting talk by Mike Melvill, the pilot, as he talks to the audience OUTSIDE before departing - about HOW MUCH SpaceShipOne weighs, and his experiences during the flight. This is a bit longer in playback (12:29 mins) than typical Internet video. Please be patient if the camera person is getting situated during recording. (I wanted you to hear the whole thing.) There is another talk INSIDE you can listen to.


   Time: 12:29

Outside Talk Video


Have a closer look through our slides.


Melvill's OUTSIDE talk so you can personally D/L it into your favorite player or software as MP3. File is 5.8 Megs. You can opt to play this instead, if you have trouble with the video.

Here is the VIDEO download of the outside talk, for devices such as your default software.

Melvill talks to a small group after bringing SpaceShipOne into the hanger. See special instructions for best playback in the textbox next to it and below. Please use equalization for audio.

GIF slides for audio...loading.   3:47
These are slides to go with the audio.


Listen In Default Player

If you wish to D/L the Hanger speech into your favorite MP3 software or player - for better equalization - use this LINK. Time: 3:47

Sorry for for the echoed quality of the audio, it was recorded in a hanger, and not at the mic...but it was the best that could be recorded under the circumstances. A better recorded speech is the one OUTSIDE, which contains similar information - on this page. You can either choose to try equalization, or just go with my boosted middle range playback, to try and bring the voice volume forward. I thought it was important enough to include it for historical purposes, etc. Perhaps you can hear it better than most. <g> You can always choose to use your own software, on the link provided. A setting of OPERA works best, in my opinion, if using MS Media Player equalization manually. You'll get different results depending on your own sound system.

SpaceShipOne under the White Knight arrives at Wright Patterson.

 Time: 0:15

LANDING Video Text Link

See SHORTENED version of the outdoors speech. This one starts out with HOW MUCH SpaceShipOne weighs, and is easier to view with dialup connections. Here's ALTERNATE link, for using your own software to SHORTENED video.


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