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See Videos of NASA in Troy, Ohio June 2006

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If you wish to D/L the file directly, using a default media player, click on the extra links below the player provided. 

For straight D/L's of any media available on this these links, then wait the appropriate time.
If your default media player is configured correctly, you will hear the program automatically the moment
the audio file is completely buffered.

Monica on WBZI-AM D/L is 5.1 Mbytes or about 20-30 mins on a 56k modem.

Monica on Z-93 FM D/L is about 3.7 Mbytes or about 10-15 mins on a 56k modem.

Water On Mars is a full spectrum song, so you may have to wait until at least 1/2 of the
MP3 D/L's, before being able to fully enjoy the music. (4 mins on a 56k modem)
Use the player above to also control Water On Mars.

  Cool 360 degree SpaceShipOne view page! 

 Click for COOL Videos of SpaceShipOne on THIS site, and Mike Melvill explaining his flight, etc.

Dialup versions are the only ones available at the moment.



Time: 3:30

Water On Mars HTML Link (For default MP3 Stream)

THIS LINK to Ohio Mars Videos!   Give the VIDEO link a try, just for can't hurt!

 From these pages, ANY relevant Mars digital media can be presented in the future.
The webmaster merely has to point to it from here to run it, even if somewhere else on the Internet.
 So, if you have relevant material that you have permission for,
you can make arrangements to have it available for D/L, HERE.
Let us know if the ISP/URL does not mind a direct link, or if we have to put a copy on our own hard drive.
Most Mars Society media is for general use by members, but be sure to check first.

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