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Tam Czarnik's letter follows:

Subj: [mars_society_ohio] OHIO WINS 2002 CHAPTER AWARD ! 
Date: 8/13/2002 12:40:37 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: patttam@erinet.com
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12 Aug 2002

     Fellow Ohio Mars Enthusiasts -


     At the 5th Annual Mars Society Conference, Dr. Robert Zubrin
announced formation of an annual award to the most active Chapter in
the United States, recognizing all the individuals whose enthusiasm
and persistence have most successfully informed people of our
potential for Humans to Mars in the near term.  This award takes into
account public and political outreach, participation in National
Projects (like MDRS at KSC), and educational efforts.  The first-ever
recipient of this award was the OHIO MARS SOCIETY !

     This is a great feather in the caps of Lyle Kelly and all the
Ohioans who have given presentations, staffed tables and participated
in FMARS, MDRS and '1% for Mars'.  But let's not rest on our
laurels:  there's a LOT more activity coming up.


(Events mentioned were deleted to keep letter timely.)


     Let's show The Mars Society that their accolades are well-
deserved; sign up for an Event today!   ON  TO  MARS !

             -  Tam R. Czarnik

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