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Just click on the handy LINK below to download the MSOC Acceleration Control to your computer then run it. Let me know how you like it. - Tom

 SEE Actual Screenshot Of Accelerator Before You Download!

Great for self-experimentation and exploring the HOW MUCH would a Mars Mothercraft weigh??? The Space Shuttle - how much does it weigh? How much THRUST would be needed to leave Earth?

Mars is approx. 250 million miles from Earth, according to Mars Trivia...also available on this website.

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Not just acceleration, pressure, temp, and more.

  Cool 360 degree SpaceShipOne view page! 


Actual screenshot!

Just DOWNLOAD with the link to use the Acceleration Control. Choose RUN if you wish to use it right away, but I recommend going to your D/L directory to run it directly if it hangs. This is a self-running .EXE, not an ActiveX Inserted Control. Don't worry about the 'unknown' publisher - it's just me! All downloadable links have a tendency to warn ya nowdays. ENJOY!

Created by your webmaster - Tom Chatterton

     Actual screenshot.  



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