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Warming up for the 2010 Convention in Dayton!
(Your background is the view from Carillon Park. The Dayton Marriott is near the right bank.)
Look for this scenic among the photos in the Webmaster's Carillon Park Visit in 2003.

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 >>> MUST SEE! Video About Dayton's Carillon Park and the 1905 Wright Flyer On Display! <<<

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For our 2010 Convention, and this important year for the Ohio Chapter, we wanted to remind members of the importance of the Wright Brothers and their extreme achievements and how it relates to our Mars efforts today.

Wright Brothers Video

Here's map links to help you with live mapping and destination if curious about the hotel (try both):  or

Convention Location:
1414 S. Patterson Boulevard
Dayton, Ohio 45409 USA

There's a LOT of Dayton Information here! So be sure and read all the way to the bottom and see if there are any links you like.


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Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation

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Conventioneers - Please Review Dayton, Ohio Highlights Below!

Making a trip to Dayton to attend the Convention is sweet - but checking out Dayton's aeronautical museums is just as sweet.  There is the  National Museum of the USAF (near Wright Patterson Airforce Base) and seeing Carillon Park (see the 1905 Wright Flyer) makes it more than worth while. Add an extra day (Wednesday) to take in the museums without a rush. They close early, but may stay open an hour later in summer. Try to visit well in advance of 5pm. You'll need a few hours to explore! Carillon Park may be open a couple of hours later on Thursday of the Convention. I may have museum numbers you can call later. Check often!

Ohio Chapter
Birthplace of Aviation

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Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation

Learn more in these links:
Carillon Park History

Wright Brothers Video

Dayton Chamber of Commerce

The National Air Force Museum

Wright Brothers Video Program (Recreating Aviation History)

Extra Link to WP-AFB Pics

TripAdvisor for Air Force Museum


All About Dayton!

The National AirForce Museum (largest in the country) and Carillon Park (with Wright Brothers 1905 Flyer) have on-site tours, if you arrive a day early to create more freetime.  (Carillon Park is walking distance from the hotel with ample sidewalks if you have free time.)

 There are also other experiences in SW Ohio, such as the Six Flags Amusement Park - Kings Island, Boomerang Bay, or Major League Baseball. (REDS). There is also a symphony and ballet, comedy clubs, a playhouse, arena, plus a modest nightlife, in a well maintained city that is technically savvy.  Dayton has a LOT of culture for such a small city. With the University of Dayton only a block away, behind the Marriott, the choice of restaurants is more than adequate, in the college square, and shopping is also in easy reach.

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The National Airforce Museum, on the west side of Dayton is generally FREE and open to the public. Some areas charge, such as IMAX. You will need to pre register if you wish to go onboard 60's era AirForce One. Carillon Park generally closes daily at 5pm, but will remain open until 8pm on Aug 5th. If wanting to see, I'd suggest blocking at least 3 hours, as there is more than initially meets the eye. It is generally $8 for an adult to attend if not in a group. Carillon will be completely remodeled and have a great expanded 1940's era restaurant to enjoy this summer, which makes the 1/2 mile walk down worth it. See the Carillon Video to learn more about it.

BTW, the University of Dayton is practically next door to the hotel, and so is the Dayton Daily News. Dayton is only 50 miles north of Cincinnati. Many major corporations, some involved in aeronautics, call Dayton home.  One of the biggest corporations is the National Cash Register Company, right across the street from Carillon Park.

SEE Dayton History Site

You can also enjoy the webmaster's link to Carillon Park when the park celebrated 100 years of flight in 2003.
Click HERE for photos webmaster took of Carillon in 2003

BELOW is a GREAT YouTube video about Dayton's Carillon Park! (Same as one on Home Page.) It is within walking (hiking) distance of the Marriott Convention Hotel.

Below is where the 1905 Wright Flier is housed, and it is the only one you can look at close-up! You can look at the Dayton Historical Page, where the webmaster found the video link.
For those wishing to make a pilgrimage to the Wright Brothers achievements, this adds to your trip. The webmaster's video is of slightly higher quality than the one on their history page because he captured the embedding directly from YouTube for a bigger playback screen.

Carillon Park, with the 1905 Wright Flyer is about 1/2 miles south the Marriott Convention Hotel. (Walking distance)

All About Dayton and Carillon Park (2010)

Watch Craig's Video Animation Banner from YouTube (in perfect clarity).

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