FreeSpaceShot is open for business and their primary target is kids aged 9-13. 

They are offering advertiser-supported free trips around the Moon, orbital and suborbital flights, and scholarships.

The founder explains the concept at

The organization's website is at

Quote from site:

'FreeSpaceShot doesn’t have a huge bankroll for advertising. If it did, I would use part of it to buy a spaceflight for myself instead of spending enough for a spaceflight to open up the dream of spaceflight to everyone else in the world. FreeSpaceShot needs to have its message spread primarily by word of mouth. We don’t want to wait until the age of personal spaceflight is well underway, we want to start giving away flights now. So we must be very eclectic in who we target. In particular, we are targeting kids aged 9–13.'

So, get the word out!